Monday, April 8, 2013

How to make a customer, yours for life

Approximately 2 years back I felt some problem with my eyes. I consulted the doctor and he suggested that I need spectacles and also that I should get one with progressive lances. My mother also had to get her spectacles repaired. 16th July 2011 I went to this optician's shop with my niece so that she can help me choose the frame. An elderly man, must be close to 60, greeted me. He offered me cold drink which I refused politely.  I chose a frame gave him my prescription and left. In a week’s time I received my spectacles.

Now coming back to present. My younger one picked up my spectacles and pulled one of its arm so it came lose. I had to get the spectacles repaired. I went to the same optician once again. This time the shop had moved I searched around and found this shop. Again the same elderly man Greeted me with a smile.
आइए Sir” (Come in sir) He said.

I said “अंकल ये ऐनक बनवाईं थी यहां से| Loose हो गयी है|” (I had got this Spectacle made from here. It has come loose)

He remembered “ये तो Progressive है|” (It’s the one with progressive lances. Mind it till this time the glasses were in its cover only so he had not seen the glasses yet. “इनके साथ अपनी mother के भी Spectacles बनवाये थे|” (You had also got your mother’s spectacle made along with these).

By this time I was already impressed with his memory and I said “अंकल आपकी यादाश्त बहुत अच्छी है|” (Uncle you have a very good memory). On which he replied “अगर थोडा ज़ोर डालूं तो नाम भी याद आ जायेगा|” (If I try lil harder I’ll be able to recollect your name). “लोचन साहेब?” (Mr. Lochan?). 

Well This was totally amazing. By now he had also tightened the screw on my Spectacle’s arm. “लोचन साहेब अभी तो आप काम चला लो, कल ले आना, मैं ठीक करवा दूंगा |” (Mr. Lochan, You can use it for now. Bring it back tomorrow and I’ll get this fixed). 

Then He added “एक request है आप से| आप हर 4 महीने में इसे यहां लाएंगे nose pad बदलवाने के लिए| और ये free है |” (And there is a request that you will bring this here back every 4 months to get the nose pad changed. And its free.)

I must say I have not seen such a humble man. And he definitely converted an ambassador for his shop without spending a single penny. Its all about how your deal with people. The address of this shop is “eye ball Optics, E-13, Vikas Marg (Near Hira Sweets), Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092.”

Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to block the click jacking spam on Twitter

Early this week I wrote about How to block the click jacking spam on Facebook. But Facebook is not the only social media platform which is targeted for such spam, other platforms too bear the heat. Sample this.....

This tweet was posted from my ID and believe me after this people started asking tips on increasing the weight (Thinking of writing a post on this too). So it is important to block such spam on these platforms too. On twitter it is really easy. Just logon to your twitter account and click on your twitter handle on top right corner. Look for settings link and click it.

On the Settings page under Connections tab you can find all the applications to which you’ve allowed the following applications to access your account. Here revoke access to all the application which look shady or which you do not require to keep your twitter cores going.

Once again remember to report the spam to twitter because it is our responsibility to help keeping the twitter sphere free from spam. On twitter you can do so by posting a tweet mentioning the application and other relevant spam details and marking it to @spam.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to block the click jacking spam on Facebook

If you use Facebook the posts like the one above are seen once in a while on your newsfeed. And you wonder how the hell it is appearing from your ID when you haven't posted it. Well that’s the click jacking technique from the spammers. This can happen by you accidentally opening malicious website or clicking on a link posted from a friend's profile from one of these applications. In my case it was an application called "mobile web". So what should you do if you have been the victim of such techniques? In two words revoke access. What I am going to show here is how you can revoke the access for such applications. But first of all change your password. Infact that you should keep changing frequently.

On the top blue bar the last dropdown is Account. Open it and you will find link for Privacy Settings.

Click it to open the Privacy Settings page. At the bottom of this page is the link for adjusting settings about Apps, games and websites.

On "Apps, games and websites" page, find the section called "Apps you use" and click on Edit settings button.

The list of Apps you have authorized to interact with your Facebook account opens in front of you.

Remove all the apps those you are not sure why you had added them or which are not absolutely necessary for your Facebook strategy/purpose. This will revoke the access to all the unwanted application and improve your security against the malicious posts from your profile. But you should also report the spam from your Facebook Profile. Here is the link for the Facebook for to report a malicious link or website. To know how to block Click Jacking spam on Twitter Click here.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What is there for you in the new Facebook Comment Box plugin enhancements

On Wednesday Face book launched the enhancements to its comments box plugin on various website through facebook connect. As stated of facebooks forum this update contains 3 essential enhancements. These enhancements are i) More Social Relevance ii) Improved Moderation Tools and iii) Better Distribution

This means that if now you visit a website with Faceboook comments plugin in it, you will see comments from various Facebook users and if you are loged into you Facebook account you will see the comments from your friends and friends of a friend first and all other comments would be pushed down.

If you decide to post your comments on it you can not only use Facebook for login, you can also login with other login providers. Also you can choose whether or not you want that comment to appear on your newsfeed. The interface against every comment is improved too.

Another functionality is about comment moderation. Admins of the page can control the visibility of the comment to be public or friends only. The Abusive words can be banned for the commenter while she/he post the comment. In addition to this the moderation can be done by the visitor to the website. Any visitor reading a comment can mark it as either “Spammy” or “Abusive”.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Delhi Police needs Uninterrupted Power Supply to be "Aapke Saath Aap Ke Liye Sadiav"

This story is about how Delhi Police helped me in my exercise. No they didn’t offer me a trainer to accompany me to Gym neither they sponsored my exercising equipments, they didn’t even moved from their chairs to help me out. Read on if you really want to know how.

So it happened because I lost my driving license. Yes I did. How stupid of me. After having searched it in all the possible places (which include my home, Office cabinet, files where I store papers) I decided it’s time to report the missing license and then apply for a copy from the Authority. It’s hard to live without car. God knows when we will have good public transport system. Anyways I started towards nearest police station, on foot (Yes walking is the only exercise I indulge in). The police station is 1.5 KM from my place. I reached the police station and then the conversation started.

Me: Mera license Kho gaya hai. Uski report likhwani hai (I have lost my license and want to get a report written).

On Duty Officer (ODO): Bhai ji light nahin hai report kaise likhi jayegi? (Brother there is no light how will writing report be possible?) and then he walk few steps.

Me: Koi Aur option hai? (Is there any other option?)

ODO: Tum Bata do. (You tell me)

Me: Agar mein paper par likh kar de doon aur aap us par stamp laga do? (If I write it on paper and you put a stamp on it?)

ODO: Authority wale phir wapas bhej deinge. Hum to yeh chahte hai ki tumahare 6 chakkar na lagein. (Authority guys will send you back. We just wish to save you from 6 trips).

Now I don’t doubt his intentions (or maybe I do). But that doesn’t save me any more trips. It’s actually these trips which help me fulfilling my exercising needs. Now you know how Delhi Ploice is helping me in exercise? By the way did anyone hear about this latest gadget called UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)? So if Delhi police can afford 1600 Rs. UPS for every computer maybe that saves citizens from some hassle because not many people take walking as their daily exercise regime, like me. May god send them few UPS.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to go back to Old Twitter

"Anybody knows how I can revert to old twitter?" was a tweet from one of the friends. Frankly I find New twitter very good and helpful as I get a lot of details right along the tweet. SO I was wondering why she wants to Go back to old twitter and that exactly what I asked her. "Its slow" Came the answer. So I thought of investigating if more people want to revert to old twitter? and if yes why? Well sure enough there are more people and the reason is same "Its bit slow". So for those who tried New twitter but find old interface better here is how you can revert to you familiar interface. A simple 3 step process.

1. Locate your name at the top right corner of your Twitter home page. Guess that should not be difficult. Who misses his or her name?
2. Click it so you see the more options open.
3. Choose “Leave Preview”.

You are done. Wow it was simple. Worrying if you will ever be able to use New Twitter. Don't. Its always there whenever you wish to. For more on Twitter just follow the TAG.

Friday, October 29, 2010

US equipments don't work in India

I guess its been an something which every one has experienced, somebody gifted you a gadget but you have not been able to use it because of electrical incompatibility. Few months back I received a gift from US, a Hair Dryer (works on 110V 60Hz Type 2 socket along) but since that day Its in my cupboard. To use it I need 2 things a socket adapter and voltage converter to connect with our Indian power supply (India works in European Voltage standard that is 220V/50 Hz where as US works on 110-120V/60 Hz). It looks so silly that if you buy an appliance in India you might not be able to use it in US or vice versa.

Now I can bear if I can’t use my gift, because of the different voltage ranges and AC frequencies used through out the world. But the worst thing is that there are further divisions into various sockets types. Do you know American Standard use Socket type A and B where as others, with European standard use Socket type C to M. When countries have adopted only 2 standards for voltage and frequency, then literally why they use a whole bunch of standards for Electrical Sockets. Frustrated I decided to write about this menace and searched internet.

Not in every country, but at least 13 different types of electrical sockets are used internationally. America and Japan use 2 flat vertical input Type A (w/o grounding pole) and Type B(with grounding pole) sockets. Europe, The Middle East and much of Africa use Type C socket able to handle a no of different voltage and this feature makes it Standard Socket in Europe, popularly known as Europlug. Type D used almost in India and Nepal. And these series further going upto Type M are used by different countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong kong etc.

Electricity around the world provides comprehensive details on Electrical sockets. Once you go through the lookup table in above link you will definitely come to know the reason why we are now stuck with no less than 13 different styles of plugs and wall outlets, is because many countries preferred to develop a plug of their own which doesn’t make a proper sense, instead of adopting any standard for all. If you venture out in the market to find an extension chord for your latest gadget you come across ones with various different type of sockets. Though Type D is a standard socket type other socket types are aplenty in the market. One of the reasons could be the rising imports from countries like China, Singapore and Hong Kong where type L and Type G sockets are the norms. So now I have a hairdryer which has Type A (or sometimes Type C) plugs but a Socket with Type G. Result is loose hanging sockets and ultimately the sparking. Now do I need to mention that this not only destroys your Hairdryer but can also cause a fire. Hey does anyone have data on how many fire have Electrical sparking as the cause? My wish, if only the socket types are standardized or at least some guidelines are issued for the exporters regarding what types of Sockets should be imported. The other solution could be levy a higher import duties on certain type of sockets which do not comply to Indian Standards of Electrical sockets.